it takes pressure to make diamonds

Workshops are 90-minutes of fun and engaging interactive mental toughness activities geared towards athletes, musicians or anyone who want to up their game personally or professionally. Workshop participants gain in-depth knowledge and concrete techniques to cultivate the psychological fortitude they need for optimal performance.


Managing self-talk is one of the most important psychological skills to master in order to build confidence, resilience and succeed in one’s chosen endeavors. In this workshop, Barbara explores how to identify destructive self-talk patterns and the negative way it impacts your performance. Once the negative self-talk patterns are identified, Barbara hones in on techniques to neutralize and transform a harsh, critical inner voice into one that is positive and energizing.

Self-talk & Vision Board Combo

One of Barbara’s most popular workshops, learn the key skills needed to manage the self-talk discipline, then put it into action. Participants will leave the workshop with their own customized, goal-driven vision board to serve as a concrete reminder and motivator of their personal vision and keep them motivated to achieve those goals.

Imagery Workshop

Mental imagery is a powerful way to enhance a feeling of preparedness and boost performance. Barbara provides a step by step approach to helping participants develop a sense of imagery skills. By the end of this workshop, participants will learn how to create their own customized imagery scripts to be used to psychologically prepare for success.

Energy Management

Helping individuals control the physical and mental energy that fuels their performance. Participants will learn concrete techniques on how to control their mental/physical energy to optimal ranges on demand.

Attention and Concentration

This workshop is designed to teach participants new strategies to strengthen their concentration and attention span and develop techniques to help with refocusing when things don’t go as planned or when distractions are present.

Positive Extracurricular Activity Parenting

Parents play an important and highly influential role in the psychological development of their child as they pursue extracurricular activities such as sports, music, theater etc. This interactive workshop will focus on behavioral and communication techniques that support and empower children in their endeavors as well as how to help children cope with failure in more adaptive ways.

*Contact for pricing & availability. Corporate workshops are also available, please inquire.