third wheeling, in the best way

Relationships are hard work. Sometimes we need an outsider’s perspective and unbiased guidance to level the playing field and restore balance to the force.

couples coaching

​Barbara coaches married, unmarried, new and long-time partnerships.  She will collaborate with you and your partner to set relationship goals that build emotional safety, trust and greater intimacy.  Barbara’s experienced coaching methods will help you:

  • Communicate more clearly and listen more openly.
  • Manage and Repair Conflict
  • Build Trust
  • Experience Emotional Growth

Barbara will actively coach you and your partner in creating a healthier narrative of your relationship; ultimately putting you and your partner in charge of your relationship’s destiny.

relationship issues

Barbara helps individuals approach relationship conflicts in constructive and effective ways.  The bedrock of healthy relationships is good communication.  Barbara helps individuals to employ active listening skills, effective speaking and strategies for problem-solving in a flexible and considerate way.  Barbara will help individuals gain the ability to learn and grow through their interpersonal difficulties.