third wheeling, in the best way

Relationships are hard work. Sometimes we need an outsider’s perspective and unbiased guidance to level the playing field and restore balance to the force.

couples therapy

​Barbara has an eclectic therapeutic approach to couples therapy, tailoring her methods to the needs of each couple.  At the core of Barbara’s approach is helping couples to take equal responsibility for awareness of the problem and their own contribution to the problem.   Barbara provides a safe environment where couples can learn healthier methods of communication.  A place where each individual is able to express themselves, be heard and hear the feelings of their partner.  Barbara also focuses on fostering intimacy and a secure attachment by helping couples create emotional bonding moments.  The ultimate goal is for couples to change their view of their relationship and to take control of the relationship’s destiny.

relationship issues

Barbara helps individuals approach relationship conflicts in constructive and effective ways.  The bedrock of healthy relationships is good communication.  Barbara helps individuals to employ active listening skills, effective speaking and strategies for problem-solving in a flexible and considerate way.  Barbara will help individuals gain the ability to learn and grow through their interpersonal difficulties.